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Constance’s cuckold doesn’t get sex. She has a husband for that. He is a real man. Her cuck is just a play toy. Someone to mess with, take his money n leave him frustrated. She loves to rub it in his face – figuratively. He will never get near her pussy with any part of his body. Tied to the bed, with his legs in shackles, Constance works her cuck up. He’s so excited, but she warns him she and her husband will be the only ones having fun that evening. Once he is on the edge, she leave him there to go on her date. The next morning she returns, nude n smelling of sex. Cuck is still fastened to the bed like a good little loser. She decides to reward him by coercing a ruined orgasm in his cage. Besides, that only serves to frustrate him even more.

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