Dictators Assistant Guillotined 2017 Caroline Pierce Snuff Sex

This is a parallel video to “Caroline Pierce Guillotined”. Strawberry is the confident assistant of the dictator, and they’re having a discussion on the phone when on the other end Caroline gets arrested. Strawberry doesn’t understand what’s going on, but shortly after that a guard rushes into her apartment, arresting her as well. it’s the end of an era.
Once in the prison, Strawberry gets id pictures from the front and side, and then she is lead to witness the execution of Caroline (small excerpts out of the other video provided); just after that, it’s her turn. She is grabbed and lead to the guillotine, still wet of Caroline’s blood. In fact, once strapped in, she starts tries not to panic, but suddenly a drip of Caroline’s blood falls down from the blade, hitting her on the face, and that makes her freak out, but very soon the blade is released and one more head rolls into the basket…

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