KinKey Productions Beheading Clones 2017 Fiona Necro Fantasy

Officer Fiona calls in the ugliest headsman of all times, who works for her. She explains him the situation: there are some clones of her in the building, who have been made over time for research and backing her up in case of need.
Despite having the same look, the clones’ mind changes over time: at the first stages they are pretty much like vegetables, but their mind evolves fast and they get smart and develop a personality. therefore, they might get too smart and become dangerous for Fiona herself, so the officer has decided to terminate them all, that day. The clones will be guillotined one by one, so she orders the headsman to bring the first one in. They decide to start with the easier ones, having a more basic brain, and to get rid of the most problematic ones in the end.

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