Locked – Ashley Lane 2017 Ashley Lane High

I am used to getting whatever I want. I know I’m beautiful. My eyes, my ass, and my hair are just a few of my best features. OT took advantage of how long my hair is. He’s locked it inside a pipe and attached it to a fitting that is screwed to the ground. I can move around the base, but I really can’t go anywhere. He wants to see my body. He orders me to remove my clothes. With the threat of a whipping I hesitantly comply.

The bicycle lock he puts around my neck isn’t tight, but it’s pulled up to the ring above me. My panties are the only thing keeping me from being completely exposed. OT comes in and has me remove my panties. He wants me naked before him. He uses the cattle prod to scare me. I hate that thing.

He uses more bicycle locks to tie me into a hogtie. My feet are completely exposed for him to cane. As I scream and cry he casually hurts my poor sensitive feet.

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