The Goddess and Her slave 2018 Goddess Kim Ass Worship

The Goddess is getting ready to go out, walks into the room and of course the closet slave is chained and covered in Her hot denim shorts carefully holding up Her Supreme shoes on its open palms. Male objects are useful for many things, and Goddess Kim thoroughly enjoys humiliating the closet slave as She kicks it to Her bed and makes it lay face up to be used as Her human cushion. A lucky boy to wear Her collar, at the end of Her chain as She crushes its useless cock beneath Her perfect pantyhose feet laughing at it squirming as She stomps its sensitive groin. She makes it kiss Her pantyhose foot as She places it firmly on its mouth hole. Mmm Goddess Kim commands to be worshiped and Her ass to be kissed. And what an ass to be smothered under, the slave’s breath is taken away as She straddles it between Her thighs tightly under Her ass, it must kiss as if it’s life depends on it – well it does. Goddess finishes getting dressed, putting on Her divine denim shorts and shiny shoes whilst using the object as a mere piece of furniture. slave is put to work cleaning and polishing Her shoes thoroughly with its tongue following each of Goddess’ strict instructions.

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