Young Goddess Kim Stocking Foot Bitch 2018 KIM Stockings

A lucky honour for the slave today! it crawls in at My sharp command, greeting Me at My feet. Strict, wicked and in the mood to use the slaves pathetic mouth to worship and serve I order it to lay as My footstool. Beneath Me, as it should be, the useless worm is reprimanded n corrected. I continue to enjoy relaxing, with My gorgeous stocking legs and stilettos resting hard on the human furniture. It makes Me laugh to see it’s mouth automatically open as I dangle My stiletto off My foot above it’s face, My sharp heel grazing its unworthy lips as it dangles back n forth. Slowly revealing glimpses My stocking feet that have been in these stilettos all day long. Finally, I kick off My stiletto and allow the footstool to kiss My Supreme feet. Such a low grovelling subject, it amuses Me as I torment him, forcefully making him sniff My stocking feet and toes and allowing the great honour of smelling My aroma. I demand the slave to stick out its tongue as My foot-wipe. Reluctance annoys Me! it feels the pressure of My feet on its throat and out comes the disgusting tongue haha. Now it`ll be a good bitch and clean My stocking feet with eagerness and be completely at My mercy underneath Me.

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